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Hovland's Hints

The NAHA Newsletter, issued several times each year to NAHA members, periodically includes articles contributed by NAHA Volunteer Dale Hovland. Dale has assisted many NAHA patrons who come to the Archives and need assistance in using the collections and other external resources, often in researching their family or in planning trips to Norway. Some of the key concepts and techniques used in helping these patrons have been summarized and documented in the newsletter for others who may do research on their own.

A list of the currently available issues of the NAHA Newsletter is listed here.

Title Issue
Baptismal Records Can Fill Out The Family Tree Summer 2015 p.5
Understanding Norwegian Church Records Fall 2015 p.4
More on Understanding Norwegian Church Records Winter 2016 p.5
Norwegian Farm Names Spring 2016 p.6
More on Norwegian Farm Names Summer 2016 p.6
Uncoding Gothic Script Fall 2016 p.6
Tips and Tools for Translating Nynorsk Winter 2017 p.5
Fact-Check Your Family History Spring/Summer 2017 p.5
Clues across the Atlantic Winter 2018 p.5
Migration Data From Church Books Spring 2018 p.5
More Sources of Migration Data Spring/Summer 2019 p.5
Marriage Records in Norwegian Church Books Winter 2019 p.5
Using Bygdeb√łker for Family History Research Spring 2020 p.7
Norway's 19th Century Census Records Summer 2020 p.6
Norway's 20th Century Census Records Fall 2020 p. 5
Finding Women in Genealogy Records Winter 2020, p. 5
Deciphering Gothic Type in Newspapers Summer 2021, p. 5
The Old Folks on the Farm Spring 2022, p. 5
Utflyttingsattest: An ID and Character Reference in One Summer 2022, p. 5
Smallpox and Norway's Inoculation Certificates Fall 2022, p. 5
Confirmation Regulations and Records Winter 2022, p. 5
The Norwegian Husmann System Fall 2023, p. 5
Using Norway's Digitized Records
Winter 2023, p. 5