Bolette Stud Bergh clippings, 1872-1905


Bolette Stud Bergh clippings, 1872-1905


Memoirs of a Lutheran minister's wife, Bolette Stud Bergh (Mrs. Johannes E. Bergh), who lived at Sacred Heart, Minnesota from 1872-1905.
Topics addressed in memoirs include Rev. Thomas Johnson's farewell sermon; illness crossing the Minnesota River; skinning a calf with theology; Bergh serving many congregations; A prairie fire; vermin interrupting sleep; water through the ceiling; living in a cellar; snowed in; three miles down the river to get the mail and a scare by drunk men; farmers building a new parsonage; a record storm on Jan. 7 1873; a new cow; a gift piano; Christmas celebration; saving for a new church; grasshopper scourge; building schoolhouses; healthy children; indians move away; good neighbors; Ingeborg Stensrud's kindness; forming new congregations; the Ladies Aid; building a new church; a sick woman; skiing; shoveling; snow and no mail; "Bow-wow-wow!" (a story about a dog); a wedding in a snowstorm; party games; the young people get rid of the old; driving in circles; Pascha Parsonage; (Norwegian copies of all) Clippings of English trans. by O.O. Enestvedt, which appeared in the "Sacred Heart News," (June 1-15, 1944); and of the second and third parts of the Norwegian original, from "Decorah Posten," (May 25-June 1, 1944).
Clipping of article (Sept. 10, 1935) in "Skandinaven" concerning memorial service at Vor Frelsers congregation, Sacred Heart, upon the thirtieth anniversary of her husband's death.


circa 1872-1905, 1935, 1944


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