Annie J. Olson Brustuen papers, 1885-1916, 1960


Annie J. Olson Brustuen papers, 1885-1916, 1960



Reminiscences, 1960. "Pioneer Incidents as Told by My Mother," Hegbert Township, Swift County, Minnesota; and seven family letters (1885-1916) translated by Conrad Byre.


  • Article. Note: Nearly all the people mentioned in the letters are named in the family history. Wagon train; river crossing; Bruno Arnold family; Thor Brustuen; Long Lake; prairie fires; melted silver; Matt Bystad; Blizzard of 1873; grasshoppers; Peder Ness marriage; Peder Emmerson twins; Amund Paulson; poet Ole Hegstad; John Wilson; formation of Hegbert township, named for two founders, Bertness Christianson and Ole Hegstad; mortgages; Sandbro farm; picnics; speakers Albert Lang and Congressman Rev. O.J. Kvale; Sonora Brustuen, Appleton; Oliver Haugland, Milan; Margaret, Camillla and Alice Persen; Mildred Hentzen, Melba Brustuen, Alice Freeman; 4th of July 1890, Andrew Akre; confirmation; Jens and Maren Pederson.
  • Translated letter from Annie Brustuen written to sister Rönnag, 20 August 1885. Topics: Death of Ingeborg Swedsmo and Guri Raastad; Anne Nilsdatter Moen marrying Peder Foten; baby girls born to Marit Ofun and Kari Mo.
  • Translated letter from Kari Mo to her brother John Olson Feb 16, 1889. Topics: 20 years apart; death of minister Pastor Selmer, replaced with Holmbo; living children Anna (who had a birth defect of the mouth) Iver, Ole, Mari,Kari and Hanna; dead children Thor, Kari and Hans, all dying between ages one and three.
  • Translated letter from Ole Mo to John Olson, Feb 21, 1892. Topics: Thanks to John for helping children Anne and Iver get to America; Son Ole is leaving for America, asking for help in securing a position for him; shortage of feed in Våga; new railroad from Lillehammer to Sel.
  • Letter from Kari Mo to John Olson, March 22, 1903. Topics: Anne has had her defect repaired (harelip); Kari opened coffee house and took in lodgers; lots of debt, asked for help from America to alleviate suffering; sending photo of the view over Mos; asked for help with their debt.
  • Letter from Kari Mo to Annie Olson, Jan 29, 1908. Topics: Thanks for sending picture; news of blind niece Nora; sending picture postcard.
  • Translated letter from Kari Mo to John Olson, Feb 2, 1913. Topics: Thanks for sending money ($5); Marriage of daughter Hanna; son Ole is returning home for visit; encouraged John to send daughter Annie along to visit her.
  • Translated letter from Kari Mo to John Olson, June 27, 1916. Topics: Siblings are all getting older; Updates on family; goods are expensive, workers scarce.


1885-1916, 1960


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