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Norse-American Centennial

The Norse-American Centennial celebrated 100 years of Norwegian migration to North America

In 1925, the Minnesota State Fairgrounds hosted over 200,000 Norwegian-Americans within a four day festival that celebrated Norwegian-American culture and promoted ethnic pride. 

2025 will be the Norse-American Bicentennial. As this milestone is approaching, NAHA believes it is important to reflect on the Centennial celebration and observe how life for Norwegian-Americans has evolved in the subsequent 100 years. These resources are designed to provide key background information about the Centennial and to guide researchers to more materials.



These biographies provide more information about the individuals involved in the Norse-American Centennial: the organizers, the speakers, and the participants. Links are included to NAHA collections that mention each person, to help those curious in a specific individual.

Norse-American Centennial Digital Collection

In partnership with the Minnesota Digital Library, NAHA had 53 items from the Norse-American Centennial papers collection digitized and made available online. This includes the official Centennial pamphlet, photographs, video recordings, and a transcript of the speech President Coolidge gave before the celebration attendees.

Norse-American Centennial Papers

This is a collection in the NAHA Archive that contains correspondence, pictures, pamphlets, clippings, speech transcripts, and other materials related to the planning and execution of the Norse-American Centennial celebration. Appointments can be made to view this materials in-person at NAHA.


The Norse-American Centennial was certainly news-worthy within the Norwegian-American community. NAHA has assembled a list of Norwegian-American newspapers that have digitized issues from 1924-1925 and made them available online.