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Rudolph Martens was born in Oslo, Noway in 1869. Martens, and his wife Clara, left Oslo for Boston in 1892. He was a partner in the firm Thoner and Martens, Electricians and Machinists in Boton, Massachusetts. In late 1921, the Martens family and…

The Benson family of Waupaca County, Wisconsin. This is a reprinted book authored by Paul Welch. The book begins with Bent Hansen. Many of the early Benson family members were closely connected with the Scandinavian Lutheran Church in Scandinavia,…

Memoir entitled "Across the century: The life of a Wausau teacher, 1962-2020."

Autobiography of Verda Hammer of Stavanger and Chicago. The book was compiled by Don Metcalfe and titled "Ahma."

Translation and transcription for Karl Braud's 1896-1907 travel diary
Karl Braud's diary written from 1896 to 1907 on his travels back to Byberg, Thimes, Norway, and back to the United States. Also includes a transcription and translation of the diary.

Finding aid to the Ivar and Hulda Aas/Aus family papers, 1938-2021
Records of the Ivar and Hulda Aas/Aus family. Includes information on Ivar, Hulda, and children Hans and Berit. Ivar Asbjørn Aas (1906-1993) was born in Ski, Norway on December 2, 1906. He married Hulda Unhjem in 1938. Hulda was born in Ørsta,…

Collection of various pamphlets. To use search this collection, use the Rokke Index to perform keyword searching. 

Collection of clippings from Carl G.O. Hansen. Hansen was a Norwegian born emigrant to Minneapolis who was active in the Sons of Norway and was a translator for Norwegian American newspapers. To search the materials found in the Carl G.O. Hansen…

Copy of "Tribute to a well-known grandmother" with transcription and genealogical information concerning the family of Westrum's mother. The grandmother is listed as Helga Nokleby. 

A letter and the write-up of an interview conducted by Janet Rasmussen with a resident of the Norse Home in Seattle, Washington. Olson had emigrated from Laksevåg to Boston in 1907, and belonged to the Norwegian Society and Norumbega in Boston.
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