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Haugeanism in America Biographies

The Norwegian American Lutheran churches would not have been such a success without their energetic pastors

Here is a list of figures important to the Haugean movement and Norwegian American Lutheranism in general.

Hans Nielsen Hauge, founder of the Haugeans

Norwegian (American) Clergymen

  • Elling Eielsen, first Norwegian American Lutheran pastor and a radical Haugean
  • Claus Lauritz Clausen, Danish schoolteacher and pastor, organizer of Norwegian Lutheran Synod
  • Johannes Wilhelm Christian Dietrichson, pastor who clashed with Eielsen, organizer of NLS
  • Adolph C. Preus, organizer of NLS
  • Herman A. Preus, organizer of NLS
  • Hans Andreas Stub, organizer of NLS
  • Jacob Aal Otteson, organizer of NLS
  • R.D. Brandt, organizer of NLS
  • G.F. Dietrichson, organizer of NLS
  • Ulrik Vilhelm Koren, first Norwegian Lutheran pastor west of the Mississippi, organizer of NLS
  • Sven Oftedal, professor, pastor, and co-founder of Lutheran Free Church
  • Gjermund Hoyme, pastor and president of multiple synods


  • Georg Sverdrup, professor and co-founder of Lutheran Free Church
  • Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson, Norwegian poet whose liberal views caused controversy within the church